Briefly: German Mauser Model 1871/84

German Mauser M1871-84 tilt

Rifle Mauser 1871/84 Manufacturer Various
Cartridge 11x60mmR Overall Length 50.9″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 31.6″
Magazine 8 rnds tubular Weight 10.2 lbs


Many people think of the Mauser Model 1871/84 as a simple magazine adaptation of the 1871, but this rifle represents a greater departure from its parent.  While the 1871 deserves a larger article of its own in the future, lets do a quick overview of Germany’s first official repeater.

Rifle: Thai Mausers Type 46 and 46/66


Rifle Mauser Type 45 and 45/66 Manufacturer Koishikawa Arsenal
Cartridge 8x50mmR, 8x52mmR Overall Length 49″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 28.3″
Magazine 5 rnds staggered Weight 8.5 lb


Siam was unique in South East Asia for its avoidance of Western colonization.  Its sovereignty was guaranteed by politically deft royals and a Japanese-modeled system of aggressive modernization.  At the turn of the century, Siam sought to rearm its soldiers with a rifle of unique design.

We have a followup question

All  right, we got a lot of positive feedback about the page-by-page project and are still researching ways to move it forward.  One major issue is in providing a binder of some sort.  This has proved more challenging than we would have expected.

In the meantime, another idea was suggested and it is much simpler to execute.  So, how would our fans feel about a collectible card series built around being a “spotters deck” for study?  Is this better or worse than the notebook project?  We cannot necessarily scale the image below to “actual size” on the web, but these would be standard playing card sized.



Briefly: French MAS 36/51

French MAS 36-51 Tilt

Rifle MAS 36/51 Manufacturer Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Etienne
Cartridge 7.5x54mm Overall Length 41.9″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 24.4″
Magazine 5 rnds staggered fixed Weight 9.1 lbs


We’ve covered the MAS 36 earlier, but now let’s talk about its post-war service.  The rugged bolt action was cheaper to make than its semi-automatic counterpart, and so soldiered on into Vietnam and the Cold War, albeit with some upgrades.

A Quick and Dirty Guide: Ottoman/Turkish Rifles

Turkish RiflesThis particular project has taken way more time than expected.  Turkish rifles have been organized almost completely by observation and survey, records are scant and few, and modifications abound.  These names are for “collectors” and do not necessarily reflect the original military designations.  There are several models still in review and this list is likely to change, but for now it is likely the most comprehensive available, so please enjoy.