Video: The Nambu Type 14 Pistol

Our Poster Project is nearly 2.5x over funded! We definitely appreciate that every dollar has the value of someone’s hard work. So I have sequestered myself for the past five days in order to learn new video editing and special effects software skills for the site. I hope the effort shows as I’m presenting this first improved animation as a big, public “Thank you” to our supporters.

Briefly: Spanish Jo.Lo.Ar.

Spanish Pistol JoLoAr right

Pistol Jo.Lo.Ar Manufacturer HCA , OyV
Cartridge Various Overall Length Various
Action Blowback Barrel Length Various
Magazine Various Weight Various








The Jo.Lo.Ar design was applied to a family of pistols in various sizes and chamberings.  They were unified, however, by their unique loading choices.

Anatomy: Russian SVT-40

Anatomy Rifle USSR SVT-40

This one took some effort to figure out the disassembly, but was otherwise smooth sailing.  We’ll try to get an article out on the overall gun soon.

Update: Reising M50

We had some people curious about the action bar on the Reising, which we forgot to photograph!  Luckily we were at the museum this weekend and so here are some detail shots.

US SMG M50 Reising Action Bar


US SMG M50 Reising Selector

Rifle: Chinese Modified US Model 1917 Carbine

Chinese Rifle M1917 tilt

Rifle US M1917 “Carbine” Manufacturer Unknown
Cartridge 7.62×63mm Overall Length 41″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 22″
Magazine 5-rnds fixed box Weight ?? lb


On rare occasion collectors have stumbled into shortened, WWI-vintage M1917 rifles without much explanation. We’ve since learned that these guns were part of aid sent to China during WWII and modified to fit their small-statured troops.