Episode 004: “Ruby”

Episode 003: Revolver d’Ordonnance Modèle 1892

Patreon is up

Hey gang, just wanted to drop a link to the Patreon page.  If you like the old content and just want to read or watch without spending, that’s absolutely fine by us.  We’ve been doing it for free for years.  But if you like the new video formats and want to see things grow, consider supporting us on Patreon.  If even a quarter of the people who viewed the 2nd episode chipped in $1 a month we’d be self-funded and capable of carrying on the work!

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Episode 2: The Berthier of WWI

Update: We’re still filming


Several episodes have been filmed at the range, we just have to get the history laid out and recorded indoors.  In the meantime enjoy this gif.

Reichsrevolver Gif