Ouch: Garand Thumb

Friend of the site, Oelund, conducted a horrifying experiment for us all to enjoy.

M1 Garand Thumb

Pistol: German Dreyse Model 1907

German Pistol Dreyse M1907 right

Pistol Dreyse M1907 Manufacturer Rheinische M. u. M.
Cartridge .32ACP Overall Length 6.4″
Action Blowback Barrel Length 3.6″
Magazine 7 rnds dtch Weight 1.5 lb







This unusual looking pistol was an attempt to enter the then-new market of semi-automatic pocket pistols without stumbling on John Browning’s patents.

A Quick and Dirty Guide: Dutch Mannlichers

overheadAll right, this one is meant to cover the standard issue Mannlicher 1895 rifles and carbines used by the Dutch Army, Navy, and East Indies forces.  We have not had time to research Indonesian modifications, of which there are at least three, KSO rifles, or experimental models.


Briefly: Egyptian Hakim Rifle

Egyptian Hakim Rifle Tilt

Rifle Hakim Rifle Manufacturer Maadi Factory
Cartridge 7.92x57mm Overall Length 47.8″
Action Direct Impingement Barrel Length 25.1″
Magazine 10-rnds dtch box Weight 9.8 lb


Unhappy with their FN-49 rifles and unwilling to rely on foreign powers, Egypt wanted a new rifle.  So they looked to Sweden for designs and tooling to start their own production line.

Rifle: Dutch Mannlicher Model 1895

Netherlands Rifle Mannlicher M1895 Full tilt

Rifle Mannlicher M1895 Manufacturer Steyr, Hembrug
Cartridge 6.5×53mmR Overall Length 51″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 31.1″
Magazine 5-rnds en-bloc Weight 9.5 lb


The Netherlands joined the European smokeless powder revolution with this Mannlicher long rifle and the then-new 6.5mm cartridge.