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You have probably noticed the site has changed a bit.  This was phase 2 of a slimming down process.  The Gallery has been completely overhauled and reorganized.  Poorer images were culled so it might look a bit lighter in certain categories (especially pistols where we changed our standard for photography 6 months back) but we’ll fill it back up soon and with better quality.

Phase 3 should be soon and will reintroduce the contact and mission statement pages and add more options for the print shop.  I may hold off on it however, as we’re looking towards Patreon and the Spotters Cards and these could be handled at the same time.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Briefly: Ottoman Mauser Model 1893

Ottoman Rifle Mauser Model 1893 tilt

Rifle Mauser M1893 Manufacturer Mauser Co.
Cartridge 7.65x53mm Overall Length 48.5″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 29″
Magazine 5-rnds staggered Weight 8.8 lb


The Model 1893 was a revolutionary design that cemented much of what we consider a “Mauser Rifle.”  After being adopted by Spain, the Ottoman Empire adopted it with an interesting addition.

Anatomy: French Rifle Berthier Mle.1916 Carbine

Anatomy Rifle French Berthier Mle1916 CarbineAll right, we’re pressing for more Anatomy images.  We’ll get a brief up next Monday to cover this little guy but for now, just enjoy the most obnoxious to disassemble and edit firearm to date.  Special thanks goes out to our friend Aaron who struggled with this monster for hours during our disassembly party.

Briefly: Uruguayan Mauser-Daudeteau “Dovitis Rifle”

Mauser 71-92 6 tilt

Rifle Mauser-Daudeteau Manufacturer St. Denis
Cartridge 6.5×53.5mm Overall Length 51″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 30.5″
Magazine Single shot Weight 8 lb


Closing in on the turn of the century, Uruguay was a small and poor nation still struggling for a solid national identity.  In this hazy period its rowdy neighbors began to follow the smokeless powder arms race.  With little to spend, the nation was lured into an unique solution by a Greek immigrant named Dovitis.

Pistol: French Ruby Mle.1915

French Pistol Ruby M1915 right


Pistol Mle.1915 “Ruby” Manufacturer Various
Cartridge .32ACP Overall Length 6.2″
Action Blowback Barrel Length 3.4″
Magazine 9 rnds removable Weight 1.9 lb







WWI was a maelstrom no one fully expected and the French quickly ran short of small arms.  They turned to nearby Spain for cheap and plentiful stocks of these simple pistols.