Update: Small Arms of the World War One Era AMA on Reddit

Our friends on /r/AskHistorians have an AMA up today concerning the small arms of WWI.  We’ve elected to create a large graphic displaying the most prominent rifles designs of the time, in scale with each other.  Mae and Suzie put in a lot of extra time on this one with me, so I hope everyone enjoys it.


Rifles of WWI Poster 5k

Rifle: “Manchurian Mauser” Liao Type 13

Manchurian Rifle Mauser Liao Type 13 tilt

Rifle Liao Type 13 Manufacturer Shenyang Arsenal
Cartridge 7.92x57mm, 6.5x50mm Overall Length 49.2″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 29.1″
Magazine 5 rounds staggered Weight 9.4 lbs


This rare and often misunderstood rifle represents a European prototype that found full production under a Chinese warlord.

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Update: Crests

We’ve standardized on our crests a bit and brought in plenty of new images! Take a look over at the Gallery.

Rifle: PCMR Winchester M94


Rifle Winchester 94 Manufacturer Winchester
Cartridge .30-.30 Overall Length 37.8″
Action Lever-action Barrel Length 20″
Magazine 6 rnds tubular Weight 6.8 lbs.


The Winchester 94 is an iconic and much-loved gun, but many people are not aware of the role it played in World War II.

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Pistol: Lahti m/40

Swedish Pistol Lahti m-40 left

Pistol Pistol m/40 “Lahti” Manufacturer Husqvarna Vapenfabriks
Cartridge 9x19mm Overall Length 9.6″
Action Short Recoil Barrel Length 4.2″
Magazine 8 rounds vertical Weight 2.64 lbs






Sweden’s delay to recognize the oncoming war sent them scrambling to their neighbor Finland for a sidearm.  While they copied the best cold weather sidearm of the time, local production had a few issues to overcome.

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