Rifle: Soviet Mosin-Nagant M91/30

Russian Mosin Nagant M91-30 Old tilt

Rifle Mosin M91/30 Manufacturer Tula, Izhevsk
Cartridge 7.62x54mmR Overall Length 48.5″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 28.8″
Magazine 5 rnd charger fed Weight 8.8 lb


All right, I’m sure everyone reading this site is familiar with the Mosin-Nagant M91/30 rifle.  It is easily the most common surplus arm available in the U.S. and for those overseas I’m sure you see us posting plenty of images of these things.  But the M91/30 does have its own history and despite how many you might run into, there are still some rare and unusual variations out there.

Rifle: Austro-Hungarian Steyr-Mannlicher M.95

Austrian Steyr Mannlicher M1895-30 Tilt

Rifle Mannlicher M.95 Manufacturer Various
Cartridge 8x50mmR, 8x56mmR Overall Length 50.1″
Action Straight Pull Bolt Barrel Length 30″
Magazine 5 rnd enbloc Weight 8.3 lb


The Austro-Hungarian Empire kept up with the smokeless revolution in fits and spurts, but finally settled on an elegant and unusual rifle in Ferdinand Mannlicher’s Model 1895 rifle.  These guns would serve reliably all the way through WWII.

Updated Article: French Revolver 1892

Since we obviously had an example on hand for the Anatomy release early this week, we took the time to improve our images for the old 1892 article.  Looks much better.

Anatomy: French Revolver Modèle 1892

Anatomy Pistol French Revolver Mle.1892

Another new Anatomy piece and a step closer to our book!  This is the French Pistole Revolveur Modele d’Ordonnance 1892.  While obviously a very old design the sheer number of these guns combined with the slow adoption of newer models meant it was a mainstay through WWII.

Announcement: A Change in Direction and a Book!

C&Rsenal has been dedicated to presenting the best possible information with easy visuals for every military small arm we could find.  This has included some rather dry writing, unpopular guns, and frankly just plain heavy information.  While we’ve continued to grow each year it has become obvious that we’re not “zippy” enough to break out into the mainstream.  So we’re going to try and give the people what they want.

From here on out we’ll try to cover only the most well known pieces, the guns everyone already knows and loves.  These always net the most views and bring in the most fans.  We’re also going to break out in a new direction with our first book!  Understandably, detailed anatomy images of firearms like we’ve been producing are a bit of a challenge to fair-weather gun enthusiasts or casual readers.  So we have a much more universally appealing model in mind.  Let us know what you think!