Quick and Dirty Guide: Finnish Mosin-Nagant Rifles


The Finns used a variety of rifles but primarily the Mosin-Nagant, so let’s just quickly cover the various Finnish-made versions.  For every Russian style there is certainly some Finnish use, but these are the models that were constructed by Finnish armories and depots.

SMG: Russian PPSh-41

Russian PPSh41 Tilt

SMG PPSh-41 Manufacturer Various
Cartridge 7.62x25mm Overall Length 33.2″
Action Open Bolt, Blowback Barrel Length 10.6″
Magazine 35rnd stick, 71rnd drum Weight 8 lb


Perhaps the only Russian firearm more iconic than the Mosin-Nagant, the PPSh-41 appears in numerous prints, posters, and statues dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.  Let’s cover a few more details.

How it Works: The Japanese Nambu Type 14

Pistol: Japanese Nambu Type 94

Japanese Pistol Nambu Type 94 right

Pistol Nambu Type 94 Manufacturer Nambu Rifle
Cartridge 8×22mm Overall Length 7.4″
Action Short Recoil Barrel Length 3.8″
Magazine 6 rnds rmvbl mag Weight 1.7 lbs.


Nambu’s Type 94 pistol is popularly known as the worst military handgun ever made.  While there are some Chinese 1900′s that may disagree, it certainly has some interesting features.

Military expansion across the Pacific and into mainland China was consuming more and more equipment.  Officers at the front were becoming frustrated with the cumbersome Nambu Type 14 and were turning to European pocket pistols in .32 ACP.  But these were, at best, defensive rounds and really just confused supply lines.  Additionally, army aircrew and tankers needed a capable, small pistol which would chamber the standard 8mm Nambu cartridge.

Anatomy: Japanese Pistol Nambu Type 94

Japan Pistol Nambu Type 94 Anatomy