Firearm Anatomy: Eight Pistols of WWII


For those of you who may not know, we’re in the middle of an Anatomy Project in an attempt to put together a heck of a book.  It will cover the major eight powers of WWII and we’ve already released the first batch of rifles.  Well now it’s time for phase two: pistols.  We’ve already provided the country summaries in the previous link so let’s get right to it.

Updated Q&D: Carcano Rifles


This Carcano Q&D was our first and since that time we’ve settled into a standard ratio so that all the Q&D images scale with each other.  We’ve also gone for a much cleaner white background.  So for this Monday’s project I took the time to reintegrate this old project.  If you’ve read it before, I apologize for the repeat.

Anatomy: Japanese Arisaka Type 38

Anatomy Rifle Japanese Arisaka Type 38

All right, second rifle for the Japanese Empire.  This time we have the earlier Type 38 long rifle.

Rifle: Dutch Mannlicher No.5 Carbine

Dutch Mannlicher No.5 Tilt

Rifle Mannlicher M1895 Manufacturer Hembrug
Cartridge 6.5×53mmR Overall Length 37.5″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 17″
Magazine 5-rnds en-bloc Weight 7.2 lb


At the outbreak of WWII the Dutch armed forces were still more than equipped with WWI surplus rifles, but they had mechanized and changed and needed more carbines.  As we’ve seen elsewhere, a simple and thrifty plan was put into place.

Pistol: French Mle.1935 A

French Mle1935a Full B right

Pistol Mle.1935 A Manufacturer S.A.C.M.
Cartridge 7.65×20mm Overall Length 7.4″
Action Short Recoil Barrel Length 4.1″
Magazine 8 rnds removable Weight 1.6 lb






While an excellent pistol overall, the French Mle.1935 does not necessarily stand out in any one way.  It was produced a bit late to see widespread use in WWII, but stayed in service until the 1950′s.