Founder of C&Rsenal and host of the Primer series.  Othais has a background in business and technology but left both to pursue his dream: providing in-depth firearm history with clear, simple visuals.



Host and Designated Markswoman for Primer, Mae also handles the bulk of photography and most of the related editing.  She had wanted an education in historical preservation but was talked out of it in favor of a more “marketable” degree.  Whoops.



Gunsmith and Hard-Knock-Life Coach, Mark used to live on a submarine.  His work at C&Rsenal began as a donation of his time and expertise as he setup his new shop.  Now he hosts his own series, Anvil, in an attempt to preserve his craft.



The guns might be the stars but they’re useless without Jay’s ammunition.  Thanks to our steady demands for the rarest and most unusual cartridges out there, he’s become one of the best custom handloaders out there!



Part-time translator, editor, and videographer, poor Suzie gets thrown at unexpected hurdles. Her favorite role is as interpreter when Othais’ tunnel vision kicks in, usually from fatigue or travel.


…more to come.  We’re still gathering portraits!