Small Arms of WWI Primer 067: Russian S&W No.3


3 Responses to “Small Arms of WWI Primer 067: Russian S&W No.3”

  1. Mechanic says:

    Great show and great gun.
    There is some things i want to point out: text in russian contain typos (computer recognized text?). Here is corrected version:
    “Смита и Вессона оружейная фабрика г.Спрингфильдъ Америка”
    “Императорскiй тульскiй оружейный заводъ 1890 г.”
    But be aware, that texts in older grammar, not used anymore. It contains some letters that can not be found on keyboards and in some cases 1 sound can be writen down with different letters (“i” and “и” used sounds same – “ee”; “e” and “ъ” with horizontal line – sounds somewhat like “ye” etc.) and some letters not gives sound at all like “Ъ” at end of words. Weird thing is: everione here can easily read it, but cant write without butchering grammar.

    P.S. Can you add subs to your videos? It is much easier to understand it with subs, or add translations (Honestly your show beats any gun-related show on our TV, its a shame, not many people here can watch it because of language barrier)

    Greetings from Russia and Happy New Year!

  2. Bearded Conservative General says:

    Almost all revolvers used in the Great War were shot SA. Yes most had the ability to fire in DA but troops were not trained in DA fire. Take a person with little training and see how well they shoot any DA revolver in SA compared to DA. I collect books on revolver shooting and serious DA training didn’t come about until the 1950’s. In these books DA shooting is covered in one paragraph that says “it’s for emergencies only”. Your SA S&W Russian would have been on par with any of the Great War revolvers. That said, loved the episode and respect your views.

  3. Keith says:

    Thanks for showing this. Long wanted to get a reproduction Russian #3 but finances never quite allowed that.

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