Episode 061: Chamelot-Delvigne


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  1. Euroweasel says:

    I wonder why you evaluated the French 11mm and the Italian 10.4mm revolver cartridges like they were broadly similar. The latter had more than 50% higher muzzle energy and essentially it was in the same class as the British .455 Webley, albeit with a slightly smaller caliber bullet.

    By the way, I remember reading in “Gazette des Armes” that the French in fact did plan to modernize the 11mm 73 cartridge in the first decade of the 20th century. The new cartridge would have had the same bullet diameter but a longer case with a deeply inset bullet weighing 13 grams (200 grains). The bullet would have been launched with smokeless powder (Poudre B, probably) at 240 m/s (790 fps), which would have put it in the same class as the .455 Webley. The demand for a more potent cartridge, perhaps not surprisingly, came from colonial troops. But then war were declared and after the war attrition had consumed enough of the Mle 1873 revolvers that the modernization was abandoned.

    Unfortunately I can’t remember the volume and issue of the magazine, so take this info with a grain of salt. I am certain, though, that I have not imagined it entirely. Possibly the cartridge was this: http://www.municion.org/French/11Devillers.htm

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