Episode 046: SMLE


3 Responses to “Episode 046: SMLE”

  1. Keith says:

    My SMLE is a Lithgow 1940 Mk. III* I got back in the 1990’s.

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

  2. Petter Bøckman says:

    Man, that was long! Thanks for another interesting and very entertaining episode. And no, I don’t think you assessment was unfair.

  3. Gary D. says:

    I said it over on the Youtube page, but for discussion I’ll post here too. I think the appraisal of the mag being a weak point is completely wrong. I have never heard of the strength of the mag on an Enfield ever being a problem and two world wars have proven that assertion wrong. Rather history has gone as far to prove the magazine design ahead of the time even the Garand of WWII which had a “more durable” internal magazine with enbloc clips eventually changed up to the box mag with the M-14 and every Military rifle since. Also not sure about testing the mkI*** as a representative of the LE evolution, as really it was just a small step in the long evolution, but nice to see. And even the mkIII is a bit of a miss-step technically, sure it’s essentially the same, as the mkIII* but as you spent so much time bitching about the mag cut off when during the war it was removed as it was a peace time feature. Appraising a rifle in a WWI infantry context, then probably taking the final evolution that was the most issued during the war would have been prudent, Even if every dog out there has a mkIII*.

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