Episode 035: Remington Rolling Block


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  1. Dave says:

    Excellent episode about an awesome and elegantly simple rifle action. Thanks! Kudos/congratulations!

    At my age in WWI, I’d probably be condemned, erm, assigned to work on one of those crazy narrow gauge railways behind the lines, but subject to periodic artilery bombardment. Hence, I’d probably have had some obsolete arm just like this. I shoot my Modelo Argentino 1879 (Type 4! I learned something!) in .43 Spanish every now and then. My hammer has to go back just a bit more before the breech will open, so I use the heel of my hand on the hammer while the fingers grasp the breech… Fast! I’m more familiar and therefore somewhat biased toward the rolling block, but I’d rather have one of those Mle. 1915s–or Model 1902s in 7mm–than, say, a Lebel. Admittedly, with shaking and trembling hands, I’d probably drop more cartridges than I could load, whereas with the Lebel I’d have the eight on tap and then vainly flail around trying to get it loaded… Still.

    Oh. 7.62x54r? Yes please. I’m talking to you Remington… C’mon, bicentennial and all…!

  2. Dave says:

    Othais: Excuse the “neck bearded pedantry” but I’m sure I’m not the only viewer who noticed that the front barrel band was installed on the wrong side and backwards… Remington has those little “U” symbols on the bands. These properly go on the left side, and with the open side faced toward the muzzle…

    Again, excuse my pedantic observation. Great episode! Terrific series!

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