Disassembly: Nambu Type 14 Pistol


Love it or hate it, the Nambu Type 14 is a distinctive pistol with an even more distinct disassembly procedure.  By the time you’re through a “field strip” there are only a few pins left for a full deconstruction, so lets do it all in one.


Parts Guide:

  1. Barrel and Extension
  2. Bolt Body
  3. Cocking Piece
  4. Recoil Springs (x2)
  5. Trigger Bar Spring
  6. Trigger Bar Hinge Pin
  7. Trigger Bar
  8. Locking Block
  9. Extractor
  10. Firing Pin Spring
  11. Firing Pin
  12. Firing Pin Extension
  13. Magazine Safety
  14. Magazine Safety Spring
  15. Magazine Catch Spring
  16. Magazine Catch
  17. Magazine Safety Hinge Pin
  18. Safety Lever
  19. Trigger Group
  20. Grip
  21. Grip Screw
  22. Magazine
  23. Frame
  24. Locking Block Spring

How do disassemble the Nambu Type 14 Pistol:

1.  Do not remove the magazine and pull back the cocking piece at the rear of the pistol until the bolt group locks open.  Make sure there is no ammunition in the magazine or chamber.  Safety First!




2. Depress the firing pin extension and hold it down while rotating the cocking piece counter-clockwise until it is free.  You may now remove the firing pin, firing pin extension and firing pin spring.




3. Replace the cocking piece, yes put it back on the gun. Hold the bolt back and depress the magazine follower and ease the bolt forward gently.  You may then depress the magazine catch and remove the magazine from the pistol.


4. Remove each grip screw and lift the grips out from the bottom.  CAUTION! The grips should come out easily if you lift gently and wiggle; do not force them.




5. Grab the barrel and extension, press it to the rear until it stops, and hold it there.  Now depress the magazine catch completely.  Use a free finger to hook the trigger group and pull it down the frame until it is free.  The trigger group should not be further disassembled unless necessary.  To do so drive out the pin at the top.



6. You may now lift the magazine catch and magazine catch spring from the pistol.





7. Set the safety lever to “safe” 安.  You may now remove the cocking piece.




8. Now hold the barrel and extension and set the safety lever to “fire” 火.  You can now ease the barrel extension up and out of the frame.  The bolt body, recoil springs, and locking block will follow.  You may fish the locking block spring from the frame.




9. Position the safety lever as depicted and lift it out straight.  You should not have to use force and if it resists twist gently in either direction while tugging lightly until it is free.




10. Use a punch to drift out the trigger bar hinge pin out of the frame.  The trigger bar and trigger bar spring can be pulled from the frame now.





11. Drift out the magazine safety hinge pin.  You may now remove the magazine safety and magazine safety spring.





12. The ejector is pressed into the barrel extension.  It can be removed by driving it forward with a punch but should not be attempted unless repair is necessary.



13. You may remove the extractor by carefully lifting it from under the lip with a screwdriver or other tool.  Lift gently and only just enough to clear the stub holding it in place, bending too far will break it.  Once it is lift gently pry it forward and off the bolt body.


Your Type 14 Pistol is now disassembled!  Reassembly is just the reverse.


Reassembly Tips:


1.  When replacing the firing pin you may find it doesn’t want to slide all the way into the bolt body at the end of your reassembly.  Pull the trigger or manually pull down on the back of the trigger bar so the firing pin‘s tab can clear the rear.


2.  You can spin the cocking piece and the firing pin extension together for about one full turn before you need to depress and align the firing pin extension with its groove in the bolt body.  This should help a bit.


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