Anvil 023: Mark’s Stockings Phase III


One Response to “Anvil 023: Mark’s Stockings Phase III”

  1. Steve McDowell says:

    Dear Mark,

    Hi my name is Steve McDowell and I recently found your work on YOUTUBE and have watched your videos over and over. I believe that I am becoming your number one fan!!!!!! I just wanted you to know the you inspired me to TRY something different in life. My father (79) just died and I inherited over 75+ pistols and rifles that he collected over the years. Not to bag on him, but you taught me (thru your videos) that my father was not the gunsmith that you have become. My father wanted to deliver the quality that you have developed, but simply did not have the know how to master your skills. I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing in these videos. In each episode I watch you and you make me feel like that I never lost my father and you encourage me to go into the garage and fix a gun or checker something that I have never done before. I felt the need to reach out to you to encourage you and your staff to keep it up. I know the sound and video equipment is expensive and you might sometimes wonder where is your return on investment. Just know that I am aggressively working thru his collection to make it the best that my father always wanted it to be. Just know because of you and your efforts – you inspire me to become something that I am not. Just wanted to simply say THANK YOU and I will keep watching and supporting your efforts in any way!!!!!!

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